Tech Alliance Referral Program

Need a Raise?

Give Us a Lead, Get a Check

How? Easy! All you have to do is refer a friend, business partner, or anyone you know that needs high-quality technology service performed by one of the best firms in the business. If you can provide contact information for a solid lead - and it turns out to be a closed deal - you can earn 5% or more of the deal!

What's the Catch?

No catch. If your lead ends up being a client for us, we cut a check and mail it to you. That's it.

Awesome! How do I Start?

The first thing you need to do is fill out the form below. Yes, we need to your mailing address (otherwise, how do we know where to mail your check?). Once we verify the lead, we will send you a confirmation email. So, if you got a lead contact us right now!

More Information

Information and business contacts are valuable commodities. The Tech Alliance referral program lets you put your knowledge to work and earn valuable rewards. If you know about businesses that may be moving, expanding, renovating or just need Information Technology infrastructure design and build services then the Tech Alliance referral program is for you. All you do is sign up by filling out the short form below, read and digitally sign a simple agreement. Then when you have a lead you simply call our sales department with the details or submit online and we will take it from there. We will reach out to the potential customer, gather necessary information, review floor plans or other documents, conduct a site visit if necessary, write and follow up on all proposals. If the deal closes we handle all paperwork, contracts, finances, credit and the actual installation. When the job is complete and we receive final payment from the customer, Tech Alliance sends you a commission check for 5% of the gross amount of the project.

A lead can be as simple as a name and phone number or something more detailed. Of course the more information we have the better we can respond and the greater the chances of winning the deal will be. We therefore encourage as much information be given as is possible. You are also allowed to refer yourself, for example if the company you work for needs our services.

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