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Tech Alliance - CCTV Security Systems Specialist

90% of new CCTV systems are based on Windows or Linux and run on standard PC Architectures. With the convergence of IT and Security Technologies, it's no longer enough to install a standalone analog CCTV security system. Knowledge of the latest network infrastructure practices, compression technologies, software, and computer hardware is vital to install and setup a total security system that can meet and exceed your security needs in a cost-conscience manner.

The Days of a Security Guard Tethered to a Dedicated Monitor are Gone

The reality is, modern security systems are completely integrated into the IT infrastructure. With increased security concerns and decreased budgets, companies have the difficult task of securing assets and their workforce with fewer resources. Tech Alliance can help you meet these challenges.

Security 2.0

Tech Alliance Can Help You Design And Build State of the Art Security Systems

Security has grown up. We call it Security 2.0, like Web 2.0, which went through a similar phase of maturity. At the heart of Security 2.0 is the standardization of security technologies for all type of network signals; be it video, audio, or data. This has forced the security industry to create a much more agile security infrastructure that can allow more efficient coverage, rapid communication and proactive management that lowers overall security risk and cost.

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Return on Investment

All this talk about total security is great, but how does it benefit my company?

Companies that employ a digital security system will be more secure while lowering their total cost of ownership in comparison to a traditional system. One example of lowered costs is the ability to use your IT infrastructure for both your IT and Security needs, eliminating the cost in installing a separate security infrastructure.

Tech Alliance Can Help You Design And Build State of the Art Security Systems

Let Tech Alliance Help With Your Security Needs

Our Tech Alliance IT Infrastructure Experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in proper design and implementation of EIA/TIA and BICSI standards for infrastructure systems. Our world class data cabling experts are certified by today's leading technology vendors and top notch vendor independent institutions. Our certified systems engineers are commited to our client's best interests which, allows us to be vendor-independent and provide unbiased consultative services

BICSI Certified Installers and Designers

BICSI is considered the de facto certification standard for cable installers and designers who specialize in complex voice, data, electronic safety & security, and audio & video cable layouts. Whether you need to set up a standard video surveillance security system for a small office, or set up an access control and video surveillance security layout across multiple locations, you can rest assured Tech Alliance will design and implement a stable, efficient, and robust infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.

Tech Alliance Testing and EIA/TIA Standards

Tech Alliance performs extensive testing and provides written reports using high end Fluke Networks® test equipment. All data and security cabling jobs can be certified to be in compliance with EIA/TIA-568 Standards for Commercial Building and Telecommunications cabling.

Tech Alliance Guarantee

Tech Alliance unconditionally guarantees against defects in materials and workmanship. All work is designed and approved by certified system engineers prior to customer acceptance.

A site survey and inspection of your location must be performed in order to ensure that a proper and reliable network infrastructure is deployed. Please contact us or call us at (212) 727-2100 to schedule a site survey of your location.